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Col du Chat and Dent du Chat

“Pass of the Cat” and “Cat’s Tooth”

Col du Chat and Dent du Chat are both prominent geographical features located in the French Alps, near the city of Chambéry in southeastern France.

Col du Chat, also known as the Pass of the Cat, is a mountain pass, approximately 1,504 meters (4,934 feet) above sea level. The pass connects the eastern shore of Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake in France, to the west.

Dent du Chat, translated as the Cat’s Tooth, is a mountain peak located near Col du Chat. It is part of the Jura Mountains range and is considered a subpeak of Mont du Chat. The summit of Dent du Chat reaches an elevation of approximately 1,390 meters (4,560 feet) above sea level. Dent du Chat is characterized by its distinct rocky peak, resembling a tooth, which stands out against the surrounding landscape.

A local legend

Some versions of the legend names King Arthur of Britain as the hero, but the version below is about another King Arthur.

Long ago, a tale was told of a mighty king named Arthur, a legendary king of the mountains, revered for his bravery and strength. Arthur heard of the plight of the people and the menace posed by a gigantic cat. Armed with his sword and accompanied by band of loyal followers, King Arthur set out on a quest to find and confront the formidable feline.

After a perilous journey through the rugged terrain of the Alps, the valiant king finally encountered the monstrous cat near the shores of Lake Bourget. A fierce battle ensued, with the cat displaying its formidable strength and cunning. But King Arthur fought with unmatched skill and determination, refusing to yield. In a climactic struggle, the mighty king dealt a fatal blow to the cat, vanquishing the creature and freeing the region from its terror. The people rejoiced and celebrated their hero, King Arthur, for his bravery and for saving them.

It is said that when the cat fell, it clings to the top of the mountain with teeth and claws, but could not hold on. Dent du Chat is the only evidence left of its former existence.

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