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Cormoran’s Pool

Cormoran’s Pool is a legendary site located near Castle-an-Dinas in Cornwall, England. It is a natural pool or small lake that is part of the folklore associated with the area.

Cormoran is depicted as a giant who terrorized the local area. He was said to be a fearsome creature, preying on the inhabitants and demanding tribute from them. According to the folklore, Cormoran would bathe in this pool.

A young and clever lad named Jack became determined to rid the region of the giant’s menace. Jack dug a deep pit near Cormoran’s Pool and covered it with a thin layer of soil. When Cormoran, unaware of the pit, stepped on it, he fell in and was trapped. Jack then either killed Cormoran by decapitating him or used a magic sword to slay the giant.

There is a local legend about Cormoran’s Cave, a rocky inlet or cavern near the town of Mousehole in Cornwall. Jack the Giant-Killer performs the same feat as he did at Cormoran’s Pool. The legend of Cormoran and Jack the Giant-Killer has been retold in various forms, and the tale is part of the broader corpus of British folklore and fairy tales.