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Dunpender Law

On Dunpeledur ... as likewise on the three fortified rocks Edinburgh, Stirling, and Dumbarton, at Dundonald (Dundevenel), in Ayrshire, and Chilnacase, in Galloway, S. Monenna ... founded a church, and nunnery. These foundations appear to synchronise with the re-establishment of the Christian Church in these districts by Arthur.

Glennie goes on to suggest that the Castle of Maidens at Edinburgh takes its name from one of Saint Monenna’s nunneries, and that Thenew, daughter of King Lothus (Lot) and mother of Saint Kentigern, was a nun at Dunpeledur.

Dunpeledur is in East Lothian, a few miles south of River Tyne, apparently a little east of modern Haddington.

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