Fairy Land


In Spenser’s Faerie Queene, the realm in which Arthur had adventures before becoming a king. The poem is an allegory, with Fairyland standing for the England of Spenser’s day.

The inhabitants claimed descent from Elf (who was created by Prometheus) and a fay from the gardens of Adonis.

Early kings included Elfin, son of Elf, who ruled England and America; Elfinan, who founded the city of Cleopolis; Elfiline, who built a golden wall around it; Elfinell, who defeated the Goblins in battle; ElfantElfar, who killed two giants, one with two heads, the other with three; and Elfinor, who built a brazen bridge upon the sea. The immediate family of Gloriana, queen of Fairyland, of whom Arthur became enamoures.

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