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King Arthur’s Great Halls

King Arthur’s Chapel, King Arthur’s Halls

At Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England, there is a chamber known as “King Arthur’s Great Halls.” This chamber is sometimes referred to as a chapel, but it is more commonly associated with a Great Hall or Great Chamber.

King Arthur’s Great Halls is located within the Tintagel Castle complex, which is perched on the rugged cliffs on Tintagel Island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The structure known as King Arthur’s Great Halls was constructed in the 1930s by Frederick Thomas Glasscock. It was designed to resemble a medieval Great Hall and is often referred to as King Arthur’s Hall due to its association with the Arthurian legends.

The Great Halls are built in a medieval architectural style and feature large stone walls, a wooden roof, and a grand wooden entrance door. The interior is decorated with various Arthurian-themed elements and artwork.

Tintagel has long been associated with the legendary King Arthur, as the site is said to be the birthplace of Arthur in some versions of the Arthurian tales. While there is no historical evidence to confirm this connection, the dramatic coastal setting and the castle ruins contribute to the mystique of the legend.