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A region of Britain that contained the river Dubglas (Douglas).

Nennius’ Historia Brittonum is one of the earliest known texts to mention King Arthur and his battles against the Saxons. The four battles mentioned by Nennius are typically referred to as the “Battle List,” and they are:

  1. The Battle of the River Glein (Gleni)
    This battle is the first of the four mentioned by Nennius. The location of River Glein is not definitevly identified. [More]
  2. The Battle of the River Dubglas (Douglas)
    The River Dublas is also not defnitively located, and its identification remains a matter of debate. [More]
  3. The Battle of the River Bassas (Bath)
    Some scholars associate this battle with the city of Bath, while other suggest alternative locations. [More]
  4. The Battle of the City of the Legion (Urbs Legionis)
    This battle is often linked to the Roman town of Caerleon in Wales. [More]

Linnuis may be identical to Lindsey in Lincolnshire, though no river called Dubglas is known here. Other possibilities are Lothian, which has a river Dunglas, and Lindum in Scotland, which has a river Douglas, though these would be too far north for a fifth-century campaign against the Saxons.

It might be identical with the Battle of Lincoln.

Historia Brittonum | Probably Nennius, early 9th century