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Marsan is a region in southwestern France, which is part of the larger historical region of Gascony.

The region of Marsan was owned by Lancelot. He made Sir Selyses (Celices) the earl of Marsan in return for Selyses’ support in the battles against King Arthur.

Marsan | 0 to 800 AD

Roman Influence | Before 5th century AD
Before the fifth century, the area that includes Marsan was part of the Roman province of Aquitania. The Romans established roads and settlements in the region.

End of Roman Rule | 5th century AD
In the fifth century, the Western Roman Empire faced challenges from barbarian invasions and internal strife. Roman rule in Aquitania began to weaken.

Visigothic Rule | 5th – Early 8th centuries AD
Following the collapse of Roman authority, the Visigoths, a Germanic people, established a kingdom that included parts of Aquitania. The Visigothic Kingdom exerted influence in the region.

Frankish Conquest | Early 8th century AD
In the early eighth century, the Frankish Empire, under the leadership of Charlemagne, expanded its territories into southern France. The conquest of Aquitania by the Franks marked the end of Visigothic rule and the incorporation of the region into the Carolingian Empire.

Formation of Gascony and Christianization
Over time, the region that includes Marsan became part of the historical province of Gascony. Gascony was characterized by its distinct culture and language. During this period, the process of Christianization continued in the region, with the establishment of churches and monastic communities.

Viking Raids | 8th – 9th centuries AD
The eighth and ninth centuries saw Viking raids along the coastlines of Aquitaine and Gascony, including the areas near Marsan.

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