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Pavia is a city located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It is situated on the Ticino River, not far from Milan.

Pavia was the home of Sir Callyburne.

When Arthur captured Rome, Pavia was one of the many lands to surrender to him and pay tribute.

Pavia | 0 to 800 AD

Roman Period | 1st – 5th centuries AD
Pavia has ancient origins dating back to Roman times. The city, known as Ticinum, was an important center during the Roman Empire. It served as a strategic location along the road connecting Mediolanum (modern-day Milan) to Rome.

Lombard Kingdom | 6th – 8th centuries AD
In the early sixth century, Pavia became the capital of the Lombard Kingdom in 572 when King Alboin moved the Lombard capital from Verona to Pavia. This marked a significant period in the city’s history. The Lombards ruled over a substantial part of Italy during this time.

Charlemagne’s Reign | 8th century AD
In 774, Charlemagne, the Frankish king, conquered Pavia, marking the end of the Lombard Kingdom. This event had broader implications for the Carolingian Empire and the political landscape of Italy. Pavia became part of the Kingdom of Italy within the Carolingian Empire.

Monastic Influence and Strategic Importance
During the Carolingian period, monastic communities and religious institutions gained prominence in and around Pavia. Monasteries played a significant rolt in the cultural and social life of the region.

Pavia retained its strategic importance as a center of trade and communication, especially given its location on the Ticino River.

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