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Perilous Cemetery

Two entries with the name Perilous Cemetery.

Perilous Cemetery

A haunted graveyard in Perlesvaus.

Its chapel, the Perilous Chapel, held the shroud that covered Christ, which Perceval needed to defeat the Lord of the Fens. Perceval’s sister, Dandrane, braved the horrors of the cemetery to retrieve a piece of the shroud. Lancelot had to perform similarly on a quest to heal Meliot of Logres.

A variation of Dandrane’s adventure is given to Lore of Cardigan at the Waste Chapel in Meriadeuc.

Perlesvaus | Early 13th century

Perilous Cemetary

Atre Périlleux, Atre Perilleux

A cemetery visited by Gawain during his quest to rescue Arthur’s female cupbearer from Sir Escanor Le Grand. Gawain spent a night there and learned of a maiden trapped in a tomb by a fiend. He beheaded the devil and freed the damsel.

L’Atre Perilleux | Mid-13th century