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Scarborough is a town situated on the eastern coast of Yorkshire in England, overlooking the North Sea.

Here, in the Icelandic Saga of Tristram ok ÍsoddBlenzibly established her headquarters during her revolt against her brother, King Mark.

Scarborough | 0 to 9th century AD

Roman and Early Medieval Periods
There is evidence that the area around Scarborough was settled by the Romans. Roman signal stations or watchtowers were established along the coast for defense. The subsequent Anglo-Saxon period saw the gradual establishment of small settlements and communities in the region.

Viking Age | 8th – 11th centuries
During the Viking Age, the North Sea coastline was subject to Norse invasions and settlements. Scarborough, with its strategic location, likely saw Viking activity. The Old Norse name for Scarborough is thought to be “Skarthaborg,” possibly indicating Viking influence.

Early Medieval Period | 9th – 11 centuries
Scarborough is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a historical record of events in Anglo-Saxon England. The town is referred to as “Scearga-berh” in entries from the late tenth century. The establishment of Scarborough Castle dates back to the twelfth century, but there might have been earlier fortifications on the site.

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