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Yorkshire is a historic county located in the northern region of England. It is often divided into three historic regions: West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and North Yorkshire.

Celts were the early inhabitants of Yorkshire, the two tribes, the Brigantes and the Parisi. The Brigantes controlled more territory than any other Celtic tribe in England, and they remained in control of their kingdom although the Roman conquest began in 43 AD. It was reigned as a client state of Rome for an extended period by the Brigantian monarchs Venutius and his queen Cartimandua.

The Arthurian legends tells us of a potter, Thompson, in an English legend and his meeting with King Arthur beneath Richmond Castle in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Yorkshire | 1st – 5th centuries
In the first century, the Romans established a network of roads and fortresses in the region, including the city of York (then known as Eboracum), which became an important military and administrative center in Roman Britain. The Romans introduced urban planning, building infrastructure, and fostering trade in the area.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Periods | 5th – 9th centuries
With the decline and withdrawal of Roman forces in Britain in the early fifth century, the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic people, began to settle in the region. Yorkshire, at this time, was part of the Kingdom of Deira. The Kingdom of Northumbria emerged, encompassing much of what is now northern England and southern Scotland. York served as the capital of Northumbria.

The region was influenced by early Christian missionaries, and monastic centers such as Whitby Abbey, founded by Saint Hilda, played significant roles in the spread of Christianity.

The Viking Age brought raids and invasions to the region. York was captured by Vikings in the late eighth century and became known as Jorvik, a major Viking settlement. The Viking presence left a lasting impact on the region, influencing place names and cultural elements.

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