Euerwyck, Everwic, Evrevic, Evroic, Evroïc, Evruïc, Ewrevic, Guevrevic

A city in Yorkshire, north central England, its located inland on the Ouse River, which flows into the Humber.

Geoffrey of Monmouth tells us it was the site of the first battle between Ambrosius Aurelius and the Saxons, led by Octa and Eosa, Ambrosius was victorious, and he later appointed Samson the archbishop of the city. York was the site of Uther Pendragon’s defeat by Octa and Eosa.

When Arthur ascended the throne, he fought Colgrim’s army at York, but he had to abandon the siege when Saxon reinforcements, led by Cheldric, arrived from Germany. When Arthur eventually reclaimed the city, he appointed Pryamus the new archbishop.

Malory tells us that Arthur held a parliament here, sufficient grounds for assuming he also held court at York, the traditional great city of the north.

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Historia Regum Britanniae | Geoffrey of Monmouth, c. 1138