White Castle

  1. White Castle

    The location of a tournament in which PercevalGawain, and Meliant of Lis all displayed prowess.

  2. White Castle
    Blanc Castel

    The stronghold ruled by Bliant and his brother Celinant – the two knights who housed Lancelot during his period of insanity.

  3. White Castle
    Blanc Castel

    A castle on the border of Gorre that appears several times in the Vulgate Cycle.

    The Lord of the White Castle was one of the knights who opposed the Saxon invasions at the beginning of Arthur’s reign. The Lady of the White Castle is named as the cousin of Galescalain (Galeshin). Another Lord of the White Castle is called Gallides, who was defeated by Bors.

  4. White Castle

    A castle in Brittany visited by Arthur after he killed the Giant of Mont St. Michel.