1. Spring of Healing

      A magical spring in the Forest of Serpents that healed all who drank from it.

      It was formed when Nascien, a follower of Joseph of Arimathea, stuck his lance into the ground prior to a battle with the evil King Camalis. It flowed next to the Giantís Tower, and Sir Atamas, also called the Knight of the Spring, ruled them both.

      Atamas used the power of the spring to defeat any knight who came along: he drank from it in mid-combat, thus invigorating himself while his opponent remained weak. In this manner, he defeated and imprisoned Gawain and many other knights in the Giantís Tower. Palamedes ended the practice by defeating Atamas despite the power of the spring.

    2. Spring of Marvels

      A magic spring where Erec defeated Mordred. Its enchantments were ended by Galahad.

    3. Spring of the Pine

      A spring in a northern forest, at which Hector out-jousted Sagremor (Sagramore), Kay, Girflet, and Yvain.

    4. Spring of the Virgin

      An enchanted fountain. At the tempting of a devil, a knight named Nabor tried to rape his sister, Aglinda, alongside the spring. The maiden prayed, Nabor was struck dead, and the spring was named in remembrance of the incident.

      Afterwards, it had the power to paralyze any non-virgin knight who happened along. Erec was frozen in this manner during the Grail Quest. Some maidens found him and lifted him away, restoring his freedom of movement.

    5. Spring of Two Sycamores
      Fontaine des Deux Sycamores

      A guarded spring. [More]