1. Count del Parc
      Count del Park

      He lived in a castle not far from the giant Tericam. [More]

    2. Count of Alarie

      Adan was an Arabian count.

    3. Count of Anjou

      Geoffrey says Kay, who was Arthur's seneschal, became Anjou's first count. Malory in the other hand says it was owned by Lancelot and he gave the title Duke of Anjou to Sir Dinas.

    4. Count of Asterian

      His daughter was kidnapped. [More]

    5. Count of Bigame

      He appears at the tournament at Sorgarda. [More]

    6. Count of Brittany

      Rollandus was the Count of Brittany in Eitenne de Rouen's Draco Normannicus.

    7. Count of Caleque Castle

      Dangis was the Count of Caleque Castle, loyal to Lancelot.

    8. Count of Clivelon

      Menagormon was the Count of Clivelon and Arthur's vassal.

    9. Count of Cologia

      Sebio was a Saracen Count of Cologia.

    10. Count of Dublin

      Enor was the Count of Dublin.

    11. Count of Dune

      Falliers was the Count of Dune.

    12. Count of Flanders

      Aran was the Count of Flanders under King Claudas.

    13. Count of Galloway

      Brandis was the Count of Galloway.

    14. Count of Geer

      Son of the King of the Island of the Gate. [More]

    15. Count of Gippa

      Albroino was the Count of the city of Gippa. He is known as Agrippe in the Prose Tristan.

    16. Count of Gloucester
      Count of Colchester of Linis

      A vassal of Arthur attending Erec and Enide's wedding.

    17. Count of Honolan

      An Arthurian knight. [More]

    18. Count of Iceland
      Count of Ireland

      The son of Count Blandigan of Iceland (or Ireland) was defeated by Yvain in a battle. [More]

    19. Count of Joraphas

      Moral was the Count of Joraphas.

    20. Count of Lalut

      Enide's uncle. [More]

    21. Count of Leodarz

      Bejolars of Leodarz was a knight and the Count of Leodarz.

    22. Count of Limors

      Oringle was the Count of Limors.

    23. Count of Nantes

      Riole is the Count of Nantes in Eilhart's Tristrant.

    24. Count of Norholt

      He ordered the murder of Meliadus. [More]

    25. Count of Poitou

      Schiolarz was the Count of Poitou during Uther's time.

    26. Count of Reveline

      He was defeated in a tournament. [More]

    27. Count of Salie

      Ursin was the Count of Salie.

    28. Count of Sorgarda

      Leigamar was the Count of Sorgarda.

    29. Count of the Broches

      A knight who opposed King Narboac (Narbaoc) in a tournament. Gawaine fought on the countís side but was defeated by Sir Hector, battling for Narboac.

    30. Count of the Castle of the March

      Bedoin was the count of this castle he tried to disinherit from his sister.

    31. Count of the High Mountain

      A nobleman. [More]

    32. Count of the Land of the Heather

      Alout was the Count of this land.

    33. Count of the Pass
      Earl de Pase

      An count who owned the castle Fair Guard. Queen Morgan le Fay occupied the castle and kept Sir Alexander the Orphan (Alisander Le Orphelin) prisoner there. When the Count discovered this, he had the castle burned to the ground so that Morgan could no longer use it for her evil activities.

    34. Count of the Plains
      Earl de Playns, Earl of Plain

      A nobleman who held a tournament against King Hervyn or the lady of the castle Tubele (Cubele) during the Grail Quest. Bors arrived at the tournament and met his brother Lionel, whom Bors had believed dead.

    35. Count of the Plank
      Earl de la Planche

      A count who made war on King Esclabor, father of Palamedes and Safir (Safere). Safir challenged him in combat before King Arthur and killed him.

    36. Count of the Valley
      Earl de Vale, le Quens du Val

      A nobleman who invaded the lands of a young knight named Agaran. Agaran and his uncle, a holy man, defeated the Count, but the Countís nephews later killed Agaranís uncle in his cloister. The story was related to Lancelot during the Grail Quest.

    37. Count of Treverain
      Count of Traverain

      Libers is listed as the Count of Treverain by Chrťtien.

    38. Count of Truerem

      He was present at a tournament. [Truerem]

    39. Count of Turtus

      Amurat was the Count of Turtus.

    40. Count of Ukerland

      Narant is the Count of Ukerland.

    41. Count of Ukerlant

      Bernout of Riviers was the Count of Ukerlant.

    42. Count of Valingues

      He was the father of a lady championed by Gaheris. [More]

    43. Count of Valsin

      His daughter was known as Beauty Without Villany. [More]

    44. Count of Windsor

      Angrs was the Count of Windsor and chosen to serve as regent when Arthur was visiting Brittany.

      In another source he is unnamed and also called the Earl of Windsor.

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