A member of the nobility. The title earl is Anglo-Saxon and is the same as the Scandinavian jarl ('chieftain'), they ruled their territories in a king's stead. During the medieval times, in Scandinavia, the title was replaced with hertig, duke, which later on became equivalent with Count on the Continent.

  1. Earl of Angen

    Cleges, a Knight of the Round Table was made Earl of Angen by Lancelot.

  2. Earl of Bath

    Urbgennius was the Earl of Bath under Arthur.

  3. Earl of Boulogne
    Earl of Burgundy

    Leodegar was the Earl of Boulogne or Burgundy under Arthur.

  4. Earl of Caichester
    Earl of Chester

    Cursalem was the Earl of Caichester or Chester under Arthur.

  5. Earl of Cambenic

    Escant was the Earl of Cambenic who in the beginning revolted against Arthur.

  6. Earl of Canterbury
    Duke of Canterbury

    Kimmarc was the Duke or Earl of Canterbury under Arthur.

  7. Earl of Dorset
    Earl of Dorchester

    Jonathal was the Earl of Dorset under Arthur.

  8. Earl of Eastern Britain

    Etlym Gleddyv Coch was a companion of Peredur.

  9. Earl of Flandrisborg

    Gorgun was the Earl of Flandrisborg under Arthur.

  10. Earl of Guiltshire

    Balluc was the Earl of Guiltshire under Arthur.

  11. Earl of Hereford

    Guerguint was the Earl of Hereford under Arthur.

  12. Earl of Kent

    Gorangon was the Earl of Kent in the time of Vortigern.

  13. Earl of Leicester

    Jugein was the Earl of Leicester under Arthur.

  14. Earl of Oxford

    Boso was the Earl of Oxford under Arthur. In Malory, his role is taken by Bors.

  15. Earl of Pardiak

    Sir Neroneus accompanied Lancelot into exile and was made Earl of Pardial. Nerovens de Lile could probably be identified with Neroneus.

  16. Earl of Pase

    The uncle of the Damsel of La Beale Regard.

  17. Earl of Salisbury

    Anaraut was a vassal of King Arthur. Galluc was another Earl of Salisbury.

  18. Earl of Silchester

    Baldulf was the Earl of Silchester under Arthur.

  19. Earl of Spain

    Hríngr was the Earl of Spain. Siguròr was the brother of Hríngr and is also said to be the Earl of Spain.

  20. Earl of Surluse

    Ulbawes was the Earl of Surluse under Arthur.

  21. Earl of the Laundes

    Lancelot made Bellangere (Bellengerus le Beuse) the Earl of the Laundes.

  22. Earl of the Plains
    Count of the Plains, Earl de Playns, Earl of Plain

    A nobleman who held a tournament. [See Count of the Plains]

  23. Earl of Tréguier

    Kimmarcoch was the Earl of Tréguier under Arthur. Layamon calls him Kinard of Striguil.

  24. Earl of Vale
    Count of the Valley

    He was in war against Aguarus (Agaran).

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  25. Earl of Vera

    Masade is the Earl of Vera under Arthur.

  26. Earl of Warwick

    Arthgal was the Earl of Warwick under Arthur. Artegall was another Earl of Warwick.

  27. Earl of Winchester

    Guerdon was the Earl of Winchester under Arthur.

  28. Earl of Windsor
    Count of Windsor

    He rebelled against Arthur, but was defeated and then executed.