1. La Beale Regard

      A castle. [More]

    2. La Chaucie Galesce

      A passage between Norgales and Sorelois, where Belinans was a guardian.

    3. La Choine

      A castle in Sarras ruled by King Evalach (Evelake).

      It was the site of a battle between Evalach and King Tholomer of Babylonia. With Joseph of Arimathea’s help, Evalach won.

      Great feats of arms were performed by Seraphe (Nascien) and a mysterious, God-sent, White Knight.

    4. La Rochelle
      Flot de Mer, La Rocele, La Roche, Roche Flodemer, La Rochelle au flot de mer, The Roche Flodomer, The Rochelle

      A French city on the English Channel, where Arthur landed on his way to battle Claudas.

    5. La Sapinoie
      La Sapinoie, La Sappinoye, La Sarpoie

      A forest, probably identical with La Sapine.

    6. La Tour Quarée
      La Tour Quarrée

      A castle on the Salerne River which Gawaine visited with a wife and her husband. The Fountain of the Changing Colors were located close to the castle.

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