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Espinogres, Pignarus, Pignoras, Pignores, Pignoris, Pinarus, Pinnogras, Pinnoras, Pinogras, Pinogres, Pinoras, Poigeres, Pongerrens, Pyngnoras, Pyngnores, Pyngres, Pynogras, Pynogre, Pynogres, Pynoras

One of the many Saxon kings to invade northern Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign.

Pignoras had a hand in the siege of Vambieres, and he opposed Nentres in a battle at Broceliande. After several other battles, Gawain killed him on the plains of Roestoc.

In another version, he is slain by Eliezer at Garlot. His wine steward, Margon, continued the struggle.

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