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Bedd Arthur

“Arthur’s Grave,” “Arthur’s Bed”

Bedd Arthur is situated in the Preseli Hills, northwest of the village Mynachlog-ddu in Dyfed.

Bedd Arthur consists of twelve stones placed at regular intervals. The description suggests a structure or arrangement that may be associated with a burial site. Bedd Arthur is one of the many places traditionally associated with King Arthur’s burial.

However, there are references to an Arthur Petr who allegedly ruled Dyfed in the seventh century. This reference raises the possibility that Bedd Arthur could be associated with this historical figure rather than the legendary King Arthur.

The Preseli Hills are noted for having more Arthurian objects than any other region in Britain within a small area. Carn Arthur, located below Bedd Arthur, has a stone perched precariously on its top – the stone is said to be thrown by Arthur from Dyffryn or Henry’s Moat.