Camaheu, Carahais, Carahaix, Carahan, Carahes, Caraheu, Carais, Caroaise, Carohaise, Karahais, Karahrs, Karahes, Karaheu(?), Karalei

A city in Brittany that appears often in continental Arthurian literature. In Eilhart von Oberge’s Tristrant, Carhaix is the city ruled by King Havelin, father of Kahedins and Isolde of the White Hands. It was besieged by Count Riole of Nantes when Havelin refused to give Isolde to Riole, but was saved by the arrival of Tristan (Tristram).

In the Vulgate Merlin, Carhaix is a wealthy city in Carmelide (Cameliard) (some geographic confusion here; Carmelide is supposed to be in Britain), ruled by King Leodegan (Leodegrance) (Guenevere’s father).

Cleodalis was Leodegan’s steward of the city. It was besieged by Saxons led by King Rions of Ireland (Ryons) in the early days of Arthur’s reign. ArthurMerlinKing Ban of Benoic, and King Bors of Gannes joined Leodegan’s forces there. A combination of the kings’ prowess and Merlin’s magic helped repel the Saxons.

Some time later, Rions returned with greater numbers but was still unable to take the city. The second siege ended when Arthur fought Rions in single combat, and Rions was slain. Arthour and Merlin describes action at Carhaix which in the Vulgate Merlin takes place at Aneblayse.

In other texts, Carhaix is named as the homeland of Gaheris, or as one of Arthur’s many courts.