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Carmarthenshire is a county located in the southwest of Wales. It is bordered by Ceredigion, Powys, and Pembrokeshire. The county has a coastline along the Bristol Channel to the south.

Carmarthenshire | 0 to the 9th century

Pre-Roman and Roman Period | BC – 5th century AD
Before the Roman occupation of Britain, which began in the first century AD, the region that is now Carmarthenshire was inhabited by Celtic peoples with their own distinct cultures and languages.

Carmarthenshire, like other parts of Wales, experienced Roman influence during the Roman occupation of Britain. Roman roads, fortifications, and settlements were established, connecting the area to the broader Roman network.

Post-Roman Period | 5th – 7th centuries
With the decline and withdrawal of Roman authority from Britain in the early fifth century, the region entered a period of transition. The Roman infrastructure gradually fell into disuse.

Early Medieval Period | 7th – 9th centuries
During the early medieval period, Wales faced challenges from both Anglo-Saxon and Irish incursions. Various kingdoms and principalities, including those in Carmarthenshire, engaged in conflicts to defend their territories.

Carmarthenshire was likely part of the Welsh kingdoms that emerged during this time. These kingdoms, including those of Dyfed and Deheubarth, played a crucial role in resisting external pressures and shaping the identity of the Welsh people.

The early medieval period saw the spread of Christianity in Wales. Monasteries and religious communities were established, contributing to the Christianization of the population. Llandeilo Fawr is associated with early Christian history.

Llywelyn ap Seisyll | Late 9th century
In the late ninth century, the historical figure Llywelyn ap Seisyll is mentioned in some sources. He was a ruler associated with the kingdom of Deheubarth, which encompassed parts of Carmarthenshire.