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Latin: Lagentium

Castleford is a town in the metropolitan borough of Wakefield in west Yorkshire, England.

Castleford | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Period | 1st – 4th centuries
The Roman occupation of Britain began in the first century AD. Castleford, then known as Lagentium, was part of the Roman administrative and economic infrastructure. The Romans established settlements, roads, and other structures with evidence of a Roman bathhouse discovered in Castleford.

The Roman settlement was an important Roman outpost situated on the Roman road connecting York (Eboracum) and Chester (Deva), and it served a strategic location for the Roman military to control and maintain order in the region.

Anglo-Saxon Period | 5th – 9th centuries
Following the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the early fifth century, the region went through a period of significant changes. The Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic people, gradually settled in various parts of Britain. The specifics of Castleford’s history during this time are not well-documented.

Early Medieval Period
The early medieval period in England saw the establishment and growth of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The town may have been part of the Kingdom of Northumbria, which covered a large portion of northern England.

Viking Invasions | 8th – 9th centuries
The late eighth and early ninth centuries saw Viking raids and invasions in England. The Vikings, also known as Norsemen, had an impact on the political and social landscape of the region. However, the specific effects on Castleford during this time are not well-documented.

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