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Cart Castle, Charroie, Charyot

According to the Vulgate, this castle was in the marches of Carmelide (Cameliard) and Bedegraine, across the territory of King RyonsKing Amans fought to reconquer it while Arthur, Ryons, and the Sesnes were busy with each other.

For a time, at least, Morgan le Fay and her cohorts appear to have used this castle as their base of operations. After Amans’ attempt to conquer it, Morgan le Fay and her cohorts found Lancelot asleep and kidnapped him, bringing him to Castle Chariot (called Charroie in the Vulgate).

According to Malory’s account, which differs in important details from that of the Vulgate, Morgan’s companions on this occasion were three queens – the Queen of NorgalesQueen of Eastland and the Queen of the Out Isles – and Lancelot was released by King Bagdemagus’ daughter, who asked him to help her father at a tournament between him and the King of Norgales (North Wales) on the “Tuesday next coming.”

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