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lsland of Joy

Isle de Joie, Joyous Island, Joyous Isle

An island in King Pelles’ realm, to which Lancelot retired from the world in shame after enduring five years of insanity. Calling himself the Wicked Knight (Chevalier Malfait), he lived in the Tower of Giants, the Castle Blank, or Bliant’s Castle, and jousted with any knight that happened along.

In some romances, he co-habitates with Elaine of Corbenic. It was called the Island of Joy because Lancelot hung his shield from a tree outside the castle, and maidens sang and danced around it daily. After ten years, Lancelot was coaxed back to Arthur’s court by Hector and Perceval. Following his departure, the Island of Joy was laid waste and was renamed the Dry Island with the Green Pine.

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