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English: Glamorgan

Morgannwg was a medieval kingdom in the southern part of Wales, formed when the kingdoms of Glywysing and Gwent merged.

Caradoc was believed to have been the ancestor of the royal family.

Kingdom of Morgannwg

Early History
Morgannwg has an ancient history dating back to the Celtic tribes that inhabited the region before the Roman conquest of Britain in the first century AD. During the Roman period, the area was part of the province of Britannia and had Roman settlements and roads.

Medieval Kingdom
In the early medieval kingdom, Morgannwg emerged as one of the major Welsh kingdoms. It was known for its fertile lands, coastal access, and strategic importance. During this time, it was ruled by Welsh princes.

Norman Conquest and Glamorgan Lordship
In the late eleventh century, Morgannwg was invaded and conquered by the Normans, led by Robert Fitzhamon. This marked the beginning of Norman rule in the region and the construction of castles and fortifications. The Normans established the Lordship of Glamorgan, which covered much of the territory of Morgannwg. The region became a Marcher Lordship, a semi-autonomous border territory along the Anglo-Welsh border.

Welsh-Norman Culture
Despite the Norman conquest, Morgannwg retained a strong Welsh cultural identity. Over time, a distinct Welsh-Norman culture emerged in the region, characterized by a blend of Welsh and Norman influences.

The town of Cardiff, within Morgannwg, grew in importance as a trading and administrative center. It eventually became the capital of Wales in the modern era.

Union with England
In the late thirteenth century, the Statute of Rhuddlan incorporated Morgannwg into the Kingdom of England, marking the beginning of its integration into the English legal and administrative system.