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Nohalt, Norham, Norhant, Norhaut

A duchy in the northern part of Arthur’s Britain, perhaps in Northumberland, named in the Vulgate romances.

It was plundered by Saxons, led by King Oriel, in the early days of Arthur’s reign. Later, governed under Arthur by the Lady of Nohaut, it was invaded by the King of Northumberland. The Lady traveled to Arthur’s court to find a champion to defend the land, and Arthur gave her the newly-knighted Lancelot.

After putting Lancelot through several trials – including one involving the giant Antoagais – she accepted him, and he proved victorious in personal combat against Northumberland’s knights. She became infatuated with Lancelot and cared for him when he was wounded, but she gave up when she saw her love was futile.

In Arthour and Merlin, the city is named as Urien’s capital in Gorre; there may be some confusion with Sorhaut.

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