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Oriel de Sorionde

Orels, Oriels, Oriens, Orient, Orienx, Oriles, Oriol, Oriols, Oriolt, Oriolz the Dane

Saxon king who invaded northern Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign. His father, Aminaduc, also participated in the invasion. Minadus is also said to be his father.

He participated in the siege of Vambieres, the plunder of Nohaut, and the invasion of Escavalon. He fought King Clarion and Duke Escant at Cambenic, and Gawain at Camelot.

According to the Livre d’Artus Oriolz the Dane’s father was a Saxon called Aminaduc of Denmark. The Damoiselle à la Harpe took Oriolz to heal him, but her cousin, Helaes de la Forest Perilleuse, asked him as a favor to capture Gawaine, put him in her prison, and fight with him daily – all so that she could have Gawaine as her lover.

Could Oriolz the Dane be identified with Ogier the Dane?

Vulgate Merlin | 1220-1235
Arthour and Merlin | Late 13th century