Cessoigne, Saisoigne, Saissogne, Saissoigne, Sansogna, Sansoigne, Saxonie, Saxonye, Saxoyne, Sessoigne, Sessoine, Sessoingne, Sessoyne

The home of the Saxons. In the Middle Ages, it was the name of a duchy at the base of the Jutland peninsula.

The Vulgate Merlin calls Brandegorre its king. In the Icelandic Saga of Tristram ok Ísodd, its Emperor, Donísus, is an ally of Tristan.

In Chrétien de Troyes’s Cliges, the Duke of Saxony is a nobleman who loves Fenice, the daughter of the Emperor of GermanyAlis, the Emperor of Constantinople and Greece, challenged the Duke of Saxony for Fenice’s hand in marriage. They fought a battle in the Black Forest near Cologne, and Alis won the battle through the prowess of Cliges, his nephew.