Persons in the Arthurian Legends - Q

Qrainglaie | Orainglais, Oringlais
A queen. [More]

A knight. [More]

Quahomas | Kahonas, Quahonas
A Saxon king. [More]

A knight. [More]

Daughter of Lord Leigamar of Sorgarda. [More]

Queen | Gue de la Roine, Guez le Roine, Queen of Northgalis, Reine de la Noire Espine, Roine des Tentes
Seventeen characters and one location. [More]

  1. Queen of Cyprus - Sister of Arthur.
  2. Queen of England - Wife of Kalegras.
  3. Queen of Eastland - An enchantress.
  4. Queen of Great Sorrows - Alias of Elaine.
  5. Queen of Nantes - Erec's wife.
  6. Queen of Northgalis - An enchantress.
  7. Queen of North Wales - Wife of Celidoine.
  8. Queen of Orkney - Sister of Adalon.
  9. Queen of Scotland - Mother of Meliadus the Younger.
  10. Queen of Sorestan - A sorceress.
  11. Queen of the Black Thorn - Mother of a knight.
  12. Queen of the Maidens - In Czech romance.
  13. Queen of the Maidens - Lady of the Castle of the Galleys.
  14. Queen of the Out Isles - An enchantress.
  15. Queen of the Pavilions - Sister-in-law of Cahot the Red.
  16. Queen of the Waste Lands - An enchantress.
  17. Queen's Ford - Guinevere discovered it.
  18. Queen's Knights - A body of knights.

Quenedic | Ganedic
A knight. [More]

Quenus of Caerec | Canus de Carre, Quenus de Carec, Quenut, Quenuz de Caherec
A knight. [More]

Querquons Dariel
A knight. [More]

Quest of the Holy Grail
See Grail.

Questing Beast | Barking Beast, Beast Glotisant, Beast Gratisanti, Beste Glatissant, etc.
A strange creature. [More]

Quinados Braveheart
Father of Owain. [More]

A knight. [More]

Quinotfiers of Bahanz
A knight. [More]

Quinqueroi | 'Five Kings'
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Quinqueroi - A forest.
  2. Quinqueroi, Red Knight from the Forest of - A challenger.

A cupbearer. [More]

Quintareus | Quine
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Nephew of Lucius. [More]

Quintus | Carrius, Carous
Two characters. [More]

  1. Quintus Carucius - A Roman senator.
  2. Quintus Milvius - A Roman senator.

A Saxon king. [More]

Quioques Gomeret
A knight. [More]

Quirion of Orcel
A king. [More]

Quoikos of Montischsdol
A knight. [More]

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