Persons in the Arthurian Legends - J

Jack the Giant-Killer
A hero of nursery tales. [More]

Jacob of Estriguel
A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Jandree | Jundree
A lady. [More]

Janduz of Lann
A lady. [More]

Wife of King Roaz of Glois. [More]

Jare with the Golden Hair
A lady. [More]

Jascaphin of Orcaine
Father of Gawain and Clarissant. [More]

A character possibly identical with Griflet. [More]

Helper of Cligés. [More]

Jecoine of the Clearing | Gecoines, Jecoine des Desers, Jeroines
A knight. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Jenephus of Angus
A duke. [More]

Jenne de Genes | Jenne li Rous de Agenes
King of Knights. [More]

Jenover of Beumont
A nobleman. [More]

A nobleman. [More]

King of Hungary. [More]

Jerneganz of Jeroplis
A duke. [More]

Jernis of Ryl
A count. [More]

Jervais Lenches | Geroas, Jeroas, Jerohas Lenches, Zeroas, Zeroiais Lancheis
A knight. [More]

Jeschute | Jeschuté
Wife of Orilus of Lalander. [More]

A knight. [More]

Jesus of Nazareth | Jhesu Crist, Jhesu de Nazareth, li Salveor, li Salverres del Monde
The son of God. [More]

Jetakranc of Gampfassache
A count. [More]

Duke of Manaheim. [More]

Joan Go-Too't | Jone
Mother of Merlin. [More]

Wife of King Cichoriades of Cornwall. [More]

A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Johfritz de Liez | Joferit, Jofreit, Jofrit, Johfreit, Johfrit
Trainer of Lancelot. [More]

John | Jahans, Jehan, Jehans Baptistres
Three characters. [More]

  1. John - Servant.
  2. John of Glastonbury - A monk.
  3. John the Baptist - A priest.

A page. [More]

Jolies of Tintagel
A knight. [More]

A maidservant. [More]

Jolyan | Jubaunce
A giant. [More]

Nephew of Arthur. [More]

Jonaans | Elians li Beaus Jonanz, Janaaus, Jonaan, Jonah, Jonanz, Jonas
Ancestor of Lancelot and Galahad. [More]

Jonap | Ionap, Ionapes, Josuap
A Saxon giant. [More]

Four characters. [More]

  1. Jonas - A priest.
  2. Jonas - Husband of Trephina.
  3. Jonas - King of Tiberias.
  4. Jonas of Galicia - A king.

Jonathal | Ionas, Jonathan, Jonathas
Earl of Dorset or Dorchester. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Joram - A wise man and sage.
  2. Joram - King of Syria.

Jorans li Febles | Knight of Triple Arms
Champion of Rigomer castle. [More]

Joranz of Belrapeire
A nobleman. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Jordain - Son of the King of Spain.
  2. Jordain - A knight.

Jordan | Iordains, Iordànes, Iurdains, Jordain, Jordanus, Nahr al-Urdun, Yarden
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Jordan - Chamberlain.
  2. Jordan - A river.

King of Korntin. [More]

A saint. [More]

Josefent | Josephent, Jozefent
King of Wales and Denmark. [More]

Joseph of Arimathea, Saint | Giuseppe, Iosepes, Joseph d'Abarimathie, Josephe, Yosep, etc.
Disciple of Jesus. [More]

Josephe | Giosefette, Josafas, Josaphas, Joseph, Josephes, Josephet, Josephus
Son of Joseph of Arimathea. [More]

Joseus | Josep, Joseph, Josephs, Josex
Son of King Pelles. [More]

Joshua | Joseus, Josué, Josue
Three characters. [More]

  1. Joshua - Grail King.
  2. Joshua - Ancestor of Arthur.
  3. Joshua - Ancestor of Igraine.

A former knight. [More]

Jovedast of Arles
A knight. [More]

Duke of Arundel. [More]

Juan of Castille
King of Castile. [More]

Duke of Forckheim. [More]

Judas Maccabees | Judas Machabeus
A biblical figure. [More]

Judwal | Judval
Alternative name for Tremeur. [More]

Jugein | Iuegyn, Vigenin, Wigein
Earl of Leicester. [More]

Husband of Yglais. [More]

Three characters. [More]

  1. Julian - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Julian - A knight.
  3. Julian - Knight of the Round Table.

Julius | Julius Cesar, Julius Chesar
Two characters and one location. [More]

  1. Julius - Roman senator and warrior.
  2. Julius Caesar - A Roman statesman.
  3. Julius the Martyr - A nunnery.

A dwarf. [More]

Jurans of Blemunzin
A count. [More]

Just Knights
A trio of Arthur’s knights. [More]

Justin I | Flavius Iustinus Augustus
Ruler of the Byzantine Empire. [More]

A Germanic people. [More]

Juvenal | Joveniax, Juvenals, Juveneaus
Two characters. [More]

  1. Juvenal - A bishop.
  2. Juvenal - A doctor.

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