Persons in the Arthurian Legends - L

Laamez of Babylon
A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

A messenger. [More]

Label | Labiaus, Labiel
King of Persia. [More]

A maiden. [More]

A knight. [More]

Labigods the Courtly
A knight. [More]

An earl. [More]

Guinevere’s cousin. [More]

Lac | 'Lac of the Greater Orkney' | Ilax, Lach, Lais, Lake, Lays
Six characters and one location. [More]

  1. Lac - Erec's father.
  2. Lac - Father of Sir Cligés.
  3. Lac - A spring.
  4. Lac - King of Great India.
  5. Lac - Son of Erec and Enide.
  6. Lac - Yvain's brother.
  7. Lac d'Orcanie la Grant - King of Greater Orkney.

A king. [More]

A king. [More]

Ladiana | Labiane
Niece of King Mark of Cornwall. [More]

Ladinas | Ladiniaux, Ladinus, Ladonas, Ladunas, Ladymus, Ladynas
Four characters. [More]

  1. Ladinas - A knight.
  2. Ladinas - A count.
  3. Ladinas de Benoic - A knight.
  4. Ladinas de Norgales - A knight.

A knight. [More]

King of Lombardie. [More]

Ladomas | Caladoines, Ladamas, Landamas, Landoines, Lidomas, Lodomas
A knight. [More]

King of Gascony. [More]

Lady | Lile of Avalon, La Dame Gauloise, La Dame Riche et Poissans, etc.
Twenty-four characters and one location. [More]

  1. Lady - Eight characters.
  2. Lady Chapel - In Glastonbury.
  3. Lady Lile of Avelon - Might be an enchantress.
  4. Lady Leech of Cornwall - Leech or surgeon.
  5. Lady Lore - A lady.
  6. Lady of Gaul - From Gaul.
  7. Lady of Malahaut - Ruler of a town.
  8. Lady of Rich Fish - She gave shelter.
  9. Lady of Roestoc - A lady.
  10. Lady of Shalott - Elaine.
  11. Lady of the Blanche Mores - A lady.
  12. Lady of the Blonde Hair - Arthur’s fairy paramour.
  13. Lady of the Deadly Bed - Lancelot and Gawain was brought here.
  14. Lady of the Fountain - Wife of the Lord of the Fountain.
  15. Lady of the Inhospitable Land Upheld - A lady.
  16. Lady of the Isles - Queen of the Kingdom of the Isles.
  17. Lady of the Lake - Mysterious lady/ladies.
  18. Lady of the Lands - Cousin of Anguish of Ireland.
  19. Lady of the Roche Land - A lady.
  20. Lady of the Rock - A lady.
  21. Lady of the Rule - Mother of Alyne.
  22. Lady of the Tor - She gave shelter.
  23. Lady of the White Guard - Relations of Lancelot.
  24. Lady of the White Palfrey - Spoke to Arthur.
  25. Lady Without Pride - Sister of Morgan le Fay.

Laheduman of Muntane
A vassal. [More]

Lahelin | Lähelin
A king. [More]

Lahifilirost | Lahfilirost
Burgrave of Patelamunt. [More]

A wild man. [More]

Lake | Dame del Lac, Damoisele del Lac, Damsel of the Lake, Lac as Jumeles, Lach, Lais, etc.
Two characters and eight locations. [More]

  1. Lake Bourget - A lake.
  2. Lake Diana - A lake.
  3. Lake District - A region.
  4. Lake, King of the - A knight.
  5. Lake, Lady of the - A mysterious lady.
  6. Lake Lomond
    - A lake.
  7. Lake of Idleness - A residence.
  8. Lake of the Beast - A lake.
  9. Lake of Twins - Homeland of Meriadeuc.
  10. Lake, The - Here dwelt the Lady [or Damsel] of the Lake

Duke of Lalander. [More]

Lalut | Laluth
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Lalut - A fortress and a town.
  2. Lalut, Count of - Enide's uncle.

Lambegue | Lambeguen, Lambeues, Lambeguez, Lanbeguet
A knight. [More]

Knight. [More]

Duke of Brabant and Hainault. [More]

Husband of the Damsel of Thornbush Ford. [More]

Lambor | Labain, Labran, Lambar, Lambart, Lamborc, Lambord, Lambort, Lanbor, Lanborc
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Lambor - A castle.
  2. Lambor - King of Terre Foraine or Logres.

Great-grandfather of Arthur. [More]

Queen of Karmerie. [More]

Saxon king. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

A warlord. [More]

Lamet | Lamec, Lamer, Lumet
Baptismal name of Orcant. [More]

A maidservant. [More]

Lammire | Lamiere
Perceval's aunt. [More]

Lamorak of Gaul | Amorotto, Lamerake of Wales, Lamerok, Lamorack, Lamorak de Galis, Lamorant, etc.
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Lamorat of Listenois
Brother of Pellinore. [More]

Lampades de la Planoie | 'Lampades of the Flatland' | Leonpadys of the Playne, Plantalis de la Plagnie
A knight. [More]

Lampart | Lambard, Lanpar, Lanpart, Lupars
Lord of Galigan. [More]

Lamyel of Cardiff
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Lance | Bleeding Lance, Longinus' Spear
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Lance Bearer, The - In the Grail procession.
  2. Lance of Longinus - A weapon.

Lancelot | Ancalot, Galahad, Galahos, Lanç, Lançarote, Lanceloet, Lancelos del Lac, Lancelott, etc.
Three characters, one item and one location. [More]

  1. Lancelot de la Blance Terre - Grandfather of Sir Lancelot.
  2. Lancelot of the Lake - A knight.
  3. Lancelot's "Foreign" Hosts - A vavasour.
  4. Lancelot's Ring - Given by a fairy.
  5. Lancelot's Tower - Near Gore.

Lanceor | Launceor
A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Landalis | Clandalis, Landalus
Saxon warrior. [More]

Landens of Carmelide | Landens of Carmelike, Landon, Landons, Landoun, Landree, Laudam, Laudons
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

A knight. [More]

Landoine | Lancoine, Lancone, Landoigne, Landoines
Two characters. [More]

  1. Landoine - Daughter of the King with a Hundred Knights.
  2. Landoine - A nobleman.

Landon | Laidon
Saxon warrior. [More]

Landreas | Landon, Laudon
A knight. [More]

Landres of Lyonesse
Tristan's uncle. [More]

Landrie | Siandre
Duke of Landrie. [More]

A knight or king. [More]

One character and one location. [More]

  1. Laner - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Laner - In southwest Scotland.

Niece of Arthur. [More]

A knight. [More]

A duke. [More]

Wife of Rhydderch. [More]

Laniure of Serre | Lamuire
A lord. [More]

Son of Febus. [More]

Lanois of Ziebe
A king. [More]

Lanor | Lonor de Betignes, - de Betinges, - the Lestregues
Saxon duke. [More]

Queen of Lanphuht. [More]

Lanslod | Lawnslot
Variation of Lancelot. [More]

Lantris | Alcardo
A squire. [More]

Lanval | Lamwell, Lambewell, Landevale, Landevall, Lanfal, Launall, Launfal, Launfalle, etc.
Two characters. [More]

  1. Lanval - A knight.
  2. Lanval - Lord of Astolat.

A king. [More]

A knight. [More]

Laquis of Lampagrés
A knight. [More]

King of Korntin. [More]

A knight. [More]

Mother of Suziano. [More]

Wife of Wigalois. [More]

Laris | Lairis, Larris, Larys, Layris
A knight. [More]

Lasancis | Lansansissa
Brother of Escorducarla. [More]

A knight. [More]

Lascoyt | Lascoythe
Son of Gornemant de Goort. [More]

Laudalis de la Plaigne | Laudalus de la Playne
A knight. [More]

Laudame | Laudamie
Queen of Averre. [More]

Laudine | Analida, Alundyne, La Dame de Launduc
Three characters and one item. [More]

  1. Laudine of Landuc - The Lady of the Fountain.
  2. Laudine's Damsel- Unnamed lady.
  3. Laudine's Ring - A gift.
  4. Laudine's Seneschal and His Brothers - Advisor.

Laudon | Laudon of Ronnes
Two characters. [More]

  1. Laudon de Rognes - A knight.
  2. Laudon de Tamelide - Nephew of Cleodalis.

Saxon king. [More]

Laudunal of Pleyedunze
A lord. [More]

Laudunet | Landuit
Father of Dame Laudine. [More]

Earl of Laundes. [More]

Launds, Lady of the
Cousin of King Anguish of Ireland. [More]

Prince. [More]

Agravain’s wife. [More]

Lavaine | Lavayne
Knight. [More]

Duke of Laval. [More]

Sister of Medea. [More]

Lazaliez | Lazeliez
Two characters. [More]

  1. Lazaliez - Great-great-grandfather of Perceval.
  2. Lazaliez - Son of Meleranz.

Le | 'The Badly Cut Coat', 'The Forbidden Hill' | Le Tertre Desvoye, Le Tertre Devee
Three characters, three locations and one item. [More]

  1. Le - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Le Brief - A scroll.
  3. Le Cote Male Tailée - Nickname given to Breunor.
  4. Le Mans - A city.
  5. Le Noir Chevalier Fae - A knight.
  6. Le Puis de Malohaut - A town.
  7. Le Tertre Deuee - A fortress.

Son of the Red Knight. [More]

Shakespearian variant of Leir. [More]

A maiden. [More]

Leech of Cornwall, Lady
See under Lady Leech of Cornwall.

Roman general. [More]

Leidebron of Redunzehte
A duke. [More]

Count of Sorgarda. [More]

A maiden. [More]

King of Britain. [More]

Leimas of Liandre
Sister of Galaida. [More]

King of Britain. [More]

Lelas of Ruvho
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Lellius of Hostia
Roman warrior. [More]

Lenomie of Alexandria
Guinevere’s sister. [More]

Lenvarlet | Evalach, Lanvalec, Lanvalet, Lenvallez, Levallet, Lonvarles
Son of King Eliezier. [More]

Leo I | Leomyaé, Leomye
Emperor of Rome. [More]

Leodebron | Leodobron, Valebran
Saxon king. [More]

Leodegrance | Ladugan, Laudugan, Leodagan, Leodegan, Leodegance, Leodeganes, Leodegans, etc.
King of Carmelide. [More]

Leodegar | Laeyer, Leger, Leir of Boulogne, Lier, Ligier
Earl of Boulogne or Burgundy. [More]

Leolin | Leonin, Joelin
Father of Maximus the Great. [More]

Leonce de Paerne | Leonces de Paerne, - de Palerne; Leonche, Leones de Palerne, etc.
A nobleman. [More]

Leonelle | Leonele, Leonell, Lyanele
Wife of Blair. [More]

A knight. [More]

Leprous Lady
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Leprous Lady - With a custom.
  2. Leprous Lady, Castle of the - A castle.

Leriador | Leridor
A knight. [More]

Lermebion of Jarbes
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Cave woman. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Letron of Prepelesant
A knight. [More]

A servant. [More]

Lady of Castle Rohur. [More]

Leverzep | Laverep, Leverop, Leverserp, Leverzep, Leverzerp, Levezerp, Lonazep, Lonezep, etc.
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Leverzep - A castle.
  2. Leverzep, Damsel of - Rescued by Lancelot.

A knight. [More]

A page. [More]

A page. [More]

Liamere | Lamire
Queen of Libya. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Ruler of the Castle of Maidens. [More]

A count. [More]

Daughter of Gornemant de Goort. [More]

Libanor | Liban
Daughter of King Ban of Benoic. [More]

Step-mother of Prince Alexander of India. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Libers - Count of Traverain.
  2. Libers - King of Lorgan.

A king. [More]

A knight. [More]

Licanor the Great
A knight. [More]

Liconal | Leconuials, Liconaus, Licorant, Linconaus
Enide's father. [More]

One of Alexander's companions. [More]

A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Liddamus - A duke.
  2. Liddamus of Agrippe - A count.

Two characters. [More]

  1. Lidoine - Sister of Laris.
  2. Lidoine - Daughter of the King of Escavalon.

Lidonas | Lydonas
A squire. [More]

Lidras | Lydarus, Ydones, Ydras
Parent of Hengist? [More]

Grandson of Joseph. [More]

Ligessac | Ligessauc
A fugitive. [More]

Chamberlain. [More]

Lile of Avelion
See Lady Lile of Avelon

Daughter of Emperor Donísus of Saxony. [More]

Limangin | Amanguis, Limados de Camaalot, Limagins, Limanger
A duke. [More]

Limors, Count of
See Oringle.

Countess of Limos. [More]

A knight. [More]

King of France. [More]

A sorceress. [More]

Linier | Liniers
Lord of Castle Limors. [More]

A warrior. [More]

Son of Prince Teschelarz of Poitou. [More]

Seneschal. [More]

Lion | Lion corone de Libe, Lyon
Five characters and one location. [More]

  1. Lion - The animal.
  2. Lion - Prince of Namur.
  3. Lion - The animal.
  4. Lion of Libya, Crowned - The animal.
  5. Lion of the Fountain - A Cornish fountain.
  6. Lion the Merciless - Owner of a parrot.

Lover of Launceor. [More]

Lionel | Havel, Havell of the Litell Bretayne, Hoel, Hoell, Lionel of Nanteuil, Lionello, Lioneax, etc.
Four characters. [More]

  1. Lionel - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Lionel - Gawain’s son.
  3. Lionel de Nantoel - Uncle of Helena.
  4. Lionel de Nantoel, Niece of - A lady.

Lippidins of Agremuntin
A duke. [More]

Lisavander | Lysavander
Burgrave. [More]

Son of Tinas. [More]

Lischois Gwelljus of Gowerzin
Husband of Cundrie. [More]

Little | Petit Chevalier, Maiden with the Small Sleeves
Two locations and four characters. [More]

  1. Little Britain - Brittany.
  2. Little Ireland - Ruled by King Yon.
  3. Little King - Nickname of Guivret the Small.
  4. Little Knight - A dwarfish knight.
  5. Little Piebald Palfrey - A horse.
  6. Little Sleeves, Maid with - A young girl.

Son of Arthur. [More]

Gatekeeper. [More]

Llallogan Vyrdin | Llallawc
Welsh variant of Myrddin.

A horse. [More]

Llara | 'Meek' | Llary
A warrior. [More]

Llawfrodedd | Laufrodedd, Lauurodet Uaruuc; Llawnrodded Farchog, - Farfawg
Two characters. [More]

  1. Llawfrodedd - Owner of Cyllel Llawfrodedd.
  2. Llawfrodedd the Bearded - A warrior.

Llawgad Trwm Bargod Eidyn | 'Heavy Battle-Hand of the Border of Eidyn' | Llongad Grwyrm, etc.
A warrior. [More]

Llawr | 'Earth'
Two characters. [More]

  1. Llawr - A warrior.
  2. Llawr - Owner of a fleet.

Llefelys | Llevelys
King of France. [More]

A warrior. [More]

A warrior. [More]

Father of Gwallawg. [More]

Llenlleawc Wyddel | 'Llenlleawg the Irishman' | Llenlleawg Wyddel
A warrior. [More]

Emperor of Rome. [More]

Lleu | 'Bright One with the Nimble Hand' | Llew
Two characters. [More]

  1. Lleu - An early form of Lot.
  2. Lleu Llaw Gyffes - A Welsh hero god.

One of the "Golden-Tongued Knights". [More]

Llofan Severing Hand
King Urien's killer. [More]

Lluagor | 'Host-Splitter'
A horse. [More]

Lluber Beuthach
A warrior. [More]

Lluch Lleawg | 'Lake'
A warrior. [More]

Lluched | 'Plague'
Grandchild of Bwlch. [More]

Llud Llaw Ereint | Lludd
Father of Gwynn ap Nudd. [More]

Lludd | Llud, Lludd of the Breastplate, Lludd Silver Hand
Three characters. [More]

  1. Lludd - King of Britain.
  2. Lludd Llaw Ereint - Father of Creiddylad.
  3. Lludd Llyurgavc - A horseman.

Llwch | Llawwynnawg, Lloch Llawwynnyawc, Llwch Windy Hand
Two locations and one character. [More]

  1. Llwch Ewin - A lake.
  2. Llwch Lleminawc - A warrior.
  3. Llwch Tawy - A lake.

Llwng | 'Gullet'
A warrior. [More]

Llwybar | 'Path' | Llwybyr
A warrior. [More]

Llwyd | Lluydeu, Llwydeu
A warrior. [More]

Llwydawg the Killer
A piglet. [More]

A warrior. [More]

Owner of a magic cup. [More]

A horse. [More]

Father of Llwyr. [More]

Llygadnudd Emys | 'Red Eye Stallion' | Llygadrudd Emys, Llysgadrudd Emys
Uncle of Arthur. [More]

Llyr | Lir
Two characters. [More]

  1. Llyr - King of Britain.
  2. Llyr Marini - Ancestor of Arthur.

Llywarch Hên | Llywarch the Aged, Llywarch the Old
A bard. [More]

Loathly | Ugly Maid
Two characters. [More]

  1. Loathly Damsel - She came to Caerleon.
  2. Loathly Damsel's Tawny Mule - A symbol of deceit.

Loc the Little
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Locrinus | Locrine
Son of Brutus. [More]

A knight. [More]

Sister of Morgan Le Fay. [More]

Logres, Haughty Maid of
See Haughty Maid of Logres.

A giant. [More]

Lohencis of Ouein
A knight. [More]

Lohengrin | Loherangrin, Lorengel, Swan-Knight
The Swan-Knight. [More]

Lohenis of Rahaz
A knight. [More]

Loholt | Hoot, Glohouz, Glohoz, Glooz, Loez, Loholz, Lohoot, Lohot, Lohoth, Lohout, Lohoz, etc.
Two characters. [More]

  1. Loholt - Son of King Arthur.
  2. Loholt - Lord of Sorelois.

A knight. [More]

Lombardo | Limbordo, Liombardo, Lionbordo
A count. [More]

Daughter of the King of Lomblanda. [More]

Londres | Londen, London, Londrez, Lounde, Lunden, Lundres
Two locations and one character. [More]

  1. Londres - Capital.
  2. Londres - Variation of London.
  3. Londres - A king.

Mistress of Gawain. [More]

Longfiez of Turtelunz
A knight. [More]

Longinus | Avenging Spear, Bleeding Lance, la Lance Vengeresse, Longis, Longius Spear, etc.
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Longinus - A Roman centurion.
  2. Longinus' Spear - A weapon.

"Loquacious Herald of Noauz"
An herald-at-arms. [More]

Loraine le Savage | Lorayne the Savage
A knight. [More]

Lord | Sire de la Noire Espine, Sires del Cor
Seven characters. [More]

  1. Lord of the Black Thorn - A nobleman.
  2. Lord of the Fens - A knight.
  3. Lord of the Fens - Ruler of Castle of the Fens.
  4. Lord of the Fountain - A knight.
  5. Lord of the Horn - Ruler of Castle of the Horn.
  6. Lord of the Rock - A knight.
  7. Lord of the Scottish Wilderness - Title of Estonne.

Lore | Lady of Cardigan, Lady of Garadigan, Lore de Branlanc, - de Branlant, - de Brulent, etc.
Six characters. [More]

  1. Lore - A lady.
  2. Lore - A lady.
  3. Lore - Of the "Brun" family.
  4. Lore, Lady - A lady.
  5. Lore of Branlant - Cousin of Sir Drians li Gaiz.
  6. Lore of Carduel - The King's cupbearer.

Lorete | Lore
Two characters. [More]

  1. Lorete - Sister of Girflet.
  2. Lorete of the Fair Hair - A lady.

Lorez of Jassaida
A knight. [More]

Gawaine's mistress. [More]

Offspring of Eliavres. [More]

Sovereigness of the Ancient Tower. [More]

A knight. [More]

Lot | Aloth, Leodonus, Loot, Looth, Los, Lost, Lote, Loth, Lott, Lotto, Loz
Three characters. [More]

  1. Lot - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Lot - King of Galway.
  3. Lot - King of Lothian, Orkney and Norway.

A prisoner. [More]

Queen of Ireland. [More]

Louis | Lupus
Bishop of Troyes. [More]

Loumedon the Large
A knight. [More]

Louys the Loyal | Lowes
A knight. [More]

Lovel | Lovell
Son of Gawain. [More]

A knight. [More]

Lucan | Lacans, Lacanus, Leucan, Lucanere de Buttelere, Lucans li Bouteillier, Lucans, etc.
Three characters. [More]

  1. Lucan - Nephew of Joseph of Arimathea.
  2. Lucan the Butler - A butler.
  3. Lucan the Philosopher - A master of pagan faith.

Lucanor | Lucano the Great
A giant. [More]

Son of a castellan. [More]

Lucas | Luzes
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Luce - A giant.
  2. Luce - A knight.

A devil. [More]

A Saxon king. [More]

The devil. [More]

Queen of the House of Pride. [More]

Lucius | Lucas, Luces, Lucies, Lucidar, Lucyus
Five characters. [More]

  1. Lucius - Companion of Arthur.
  2. Lucius Artorius Castus - A commander.
  3. Lucius Catellus - Roman senator.
  4. Lucius the Glorius - King of Roman Britain.
  5. Lucius Hiberius - Roman Emperor.

Son of Lady Fortune. [More]

King of Britain. [More]

A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Perceval’s wife. [More]

An Irish sun-god. [More]

Luguain | Lugain, Luguains, Lugein
Servant of Yder. [More]

Lunete | Eluned, Luned, Lunet, Luneta, Lunette
Cousin of Nimue. [More]

One character and one item. [More]

  1. Lunette - A maidservant.
  2. Lunette's Ring - It made the wearer invisible.

A maiden. [More]

Lyanor | Helianor
Two characters. [More]

  1. Lyanor - Ancestor of Urien and Yvain.
  2. Lyanor of the Mountain - A knight.

Lyas the Large | Lyons
A knight. [More]

Lybbeals of Prienlascors
Grail Knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Lybius Desconus | 'The Fair Unknown' | Lybeus Desconnus
Son of Gawaine. [More]

A woman. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. Lyle - Name of the home of several knights.
  2. Lyle - A lady.

Lynette | Linet, Lynet, The Damosel Savage
Sister of Lyonesse. [More]

Lynors | Lianour, Linnor, Linoy, Lyanoure, Lymon, Lynor, Symon
Duke of the Castle of Maidens. [More]

Lyonesse | Liones, Lyoness, Lyonnesse
One character and two locations. [More]

  1. Lyonesse - Sister of Lynette.
  2. Lyonesse - An island nation.
  3. Lyonesse Castle - On the border.

Lyonors | Liones, Lionesse, Lionors, Lyones, Lyonores, Lyonoros
Gareth's wife. [More]

A knight. [More]

Lyppaut | Lippant
Duke of Bearosche. [More]

Lysander of Ipopotiycon
A count. [More]

Lyzianor | Lionors, Lisanor, Lisianor, Lysanor
Mother of Loholt or Borre. [More]

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