Persons in the Arthurian Legends - W

See under Witege.

A warrior. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Waldin of the Fearsome Vale | Gaudin
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Brother-in-law of the Emperor of the Alemanni. [More]

A knight. [More]

A family. [More]

Variant of Guenevere.

Chief of the Venetii. [More]

Waste | Desert, Deserted Land, Desolate Forest, Gaste Capiele, Gaste Citiť, Gaste Forest, etc.
Nine locations and three characters. [More]

  1. Waste Castle - Or the Poor Castle.
  2. Waste Chapel - Three locations.
  3. Waste City - A supernatural place.
  4. Waste Forest - Perceval's childhood grounds.
  5. Waste Fountain - A location.
  6. Waste Land - Also known as the Strange Land.
  7. Waste Land - A region.
  8. Waste Lands, King of the - King Pellam.
  9. Waste Lands, Queen of the - Percival's aunt.
  10. Waste Manor - A residence.

Watch, Knights of the
See Guard, Knights of the.

A knight. [More]

A smith. [More]

A knight. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. West Islands - A realm.
  2. West Wales, Lord of - Supported Arthur.

Duccessor of Arviragus. [More]

Whip, Dwarf with a
A dwarf. [More]

White | Blanc Castel, Blanc Chevalier, Blance Citiť, Blance Terre, Blance Tour, Blanche Espine, etc.
Twenty-two locations and ten characters. [More]

  1. White Abbey - Two locations.
  2. White Castle - Four locations.
  3. White City - Two locations.
  4. White Cross - A landmark.
  5. White Forest - Two locations.
  6. White Fortress - Shrouded in darkness.
  7. White Hag - Mother of the Black Hag.
  8. White Knight - Eight characters.
  9. White Lake - Five locations.
  10. White Land - Four locations.
  11. White Mount - Tower of London.
  12. White Mountain - A kingdom.
  13. White Stag - Features in several tales.
  14. White Thorn Castle - A castle.
  15. White Thorn Ford - An estate.
  16. White Tower - Home of Galerian.

Whitehead of the Hamlet
A knight. [More]

Wicher | Wichere, Wyshard
A knight. [More]

Wicked | Chevalier Malfait, Male Voisine, Malvagia Usanza
Two characters, one item, one location and one event. [More]

  1. Wicked Custom - A beheading game.
  2. Wicked Knight - Two knights.
  3. Wicked Neighbor - A horn.
  4. Wicked Pass - Into Caradoc's lands.

See Witege.

Widowed Lady | La Dame Veue
Nickname of Yglais. [More]

Wigalois | Viegloeis, Vigoles, Wigoleis
Son of Gawain. [More]

Wigamur | Knight with the Eagle
A knight. [More]

Father of Hengist and Horsa. [More]

A parrot. [More]

William of Salebrant | William Celebronche
Companion of Bleoberis. [More]

Windsor | Earl of Windsor, Guinesores, Videsores, Vindesores, Windeskore
Two locations and one character. [More]

  1. Windsor - A city.
  2. Windsor, Earl or Count of - Rebelled against Arthur.
  3. Windsor Forest - Surrounding Windsor Castle.

A woman on the Modena Archivolt. [More]

Wise | Dame de la Forest, Dame de la Forest Avenrureuse, Sage Dame, Wise Maiden, etc.
Two characters and one location. [More]

  1. Wise Damsel - A sorceress.
  2. Wise Damsel's Rock - A castle.
  3. Wise Lady of the Forest of No Return - A lady.

An alias. [More]

A smith. [More]

Son of Aelle. [More]

Chief god of the Anglo-Saxons. [More]

Wolfram von Eschenbach
An author. [More]

Wonder | Wunder
A king. [More]

Owner of a magical sworld. [More]

A warrior. [More]

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