Persons in the Arthurian Legends - H

Daughter of Locrinus. [More]

Hadrian | Adrian, Ludranes, Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus, etc.
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hadrian - Roman Emperor.
  2. Hadrian's Wall - A wall.

Hag of Hell
A supernatural woman. [More]

Hags of Gloucester
Collective term for nine witches. [More]

A knight. [More]

Hairy Carl
A monster. [More]

A knight. [More]

Halwyn | 'Not Full' | Aflawn, Halwn
Father of Huarwar. [More]

Handsome | Biaus Mauvais, Biaux Coars
Five characters. [More]

  1. Handsome Cad - The name given to Sir Bors.
  2. Handsome Coward - Knight of the Round Table.
  3. Handsome Founding - A Lancelot nickname.
  4. Handsome Prisoner - Brian of the Isles' alias.
  5. Handsome Young Man - A name of Meriadeuc.

A squire. [More]

Haram | Harans
A Saxon king. [More]

Hardiant | Hardians, Hardrans, Karaans
A Saxon king. [More]

A knight. [More]

King of Gascony. [More]

A knight. [More]

Hargodabrans | Angodabranz, Argodebranz, Bardogabran, Bordogabron, Hardagabran, etc.
Leader of the Sesnes. [More]

Husband of Igerne. [More]

Harlon | Aban, Herlen, Laban, Laben, Labran
A king. [More]

Harniel | Harmel
Duke of Harniel's daughter. [More]

Harpe | Harp Castle, Harpe
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Harpe, Castel de - A castle.
  2. Harpe, Damoiselle á La - Maybe a castelaine.

Harpeor, le
Merlin in disguise. [More]

Harpin | Harpins, Harpyns
Two characters. [More]

  1. Harpin of the Mountain - An evil giant.
  2. Harpin the Red - A knight.

A Saxon warrior. [More]

Harry le Fise Lake | Harry le Fyse Lake
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. Hart - or stag.
  2. Hart Fell - A mountain.

Son of Hengist. [More]

A seneschal. [More]

A count. [More]

Chamberlain. [More]

Haud of Schuwake
Lancelot's father. [More]

Haudebourc | Antebourc, Handeborc
Duke of Haudebourc. [More]

Haughty | Proud Knight of the Moor/Glade, Proud Knight of the Passage with the Narrow way
Three characters. [More]

  1. Haughty Knight of the Heath - A knight.
  2. Haughty Knight of the Rock on the Narrow Way - A knight.
  3. Haughty Maid of Logres - A maiden.

A squire. [More]

King of Karahes. [More]

Head of Annwn
A king. [More]

Hebes le Renoumes | Berbes, Ebes, Habé, Hebes the Famous
A squire. [More]

Alternative name for Brons. [More]

A giant. [More]

Hector | Astor, Astore, Ector, Estor, Hector des Mares, Hestor, Hestore, Jastor, The White Knight
Seven characters. [More]

  1. Hector - Ancestor of the “Brown” family.
  2. Hector - A Trojan hero.
  3. Hector des Mares - A knight.
  4. Hector of the Fens - Lancelot’s half-brother.
  5. Hector the Brown - A warrior.
  6. Hector the Brown - Member of the "Brown" family.
  7. Hector the Noble - A knight.

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Hedor | Dor, Hector
Gawain’s grandfather. [More]

Hefeydd | Heveydd Hên, Hyfaidd Unllen, Hyfeidd
Two characters. [More]

  1. Hefeydd Hên - Father of Rhiannon.
  2. Hefeydd One Cloak - A warrior.

Heglan | Egglane
A knight. [More]

Taliesin's murderer. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Heilyn - A warrior.
  2. Heilyn the Red - A warrior.

A knight. [More]

Hela | Hela of the Infernal Regions
Queen of Hell. [More]

Helaes de la Forest Perilleuse | Helaés of Limos, Helaes the Beautiful
A countess. [More]

Helain | Alain li Blanc, Helain li Blans, Helaine, Helains de Tanningues, Helake, Helaym, Helius, etc.
Six characters. [More]

  1. Helain - A peasant.
  2. Helain de Taningues - A squire.
  3. Helain the Black - A knight.
  4. Helain the Brown - A knight.
  5. Helain the Dragon - A knight.
  6. Helain the White - Son of Bors.

Helaine | Helen
Three characters. [More]

  1. Helaine - A king.
  2. Helaine - Variation of Elaine.
  3. Helaine the Peerless - Sir Persides' wife.

Helains | Elain, Elyan, Elyans, Heleins, Herains
Two characters. [More]

  1. Helains li Dragons - A knight.
  2. Helains li Gros - Son of Nascien.

Nephew of Joseph of Arimathea. [More]

Heldins | Heldin
Ruler of Denmark. [More]

One of the Three Unrestricted Guests. [More]

Helena | Helaine, Helayn, Helen
Two characters. [More]

  1. Helena - Kidnapped by a giant.
  2. Helena - A saint.

Wife of Menelaos. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

A variant of Beli. [More]

An ally of Mordred. [More]

Helians of Gomeret | Elyas, Helianz
A knight. [More]

Helias | Chimas, Dimas, Elias, Englias, Helyas li dux de Rognes, Herlais
Two characters. [More]

  1. Helias - Duke of Rognes.
  2. Helias of Toulouse - A sage and scribe.

Heliap | Helyap
A lady. [More]

Helie | Elene, Elias, Elie, Heliae, Helie, Helies, Helis d'Aragre, Helyes de Ragres
Three characters. [More]

  1. Helie - A lady.
  2. Helie - A knight.
  3. Helie of Ragres - A knight.

Daughter of the King of North Wales. [More]

A knight. [More]

Helin | Hellaine, Helain, Elain, Elyan the White
Three characters. [More]

  1. Helin - Son of Helin the Red.
  2. Helin le Blank - Knight of the Round Table.
  3. Helin the Red - Knight.

Helior of the Thorn
A knight. [More]

Heliot | Elyot
A harpist. [More]

Helis | Elyse, Helain, Helains li Blois, Helins li Blois, Helis the Blond, Helyes, Helys, etc.
Three characters. [More]

  1. Helis - A knight.
  2. Helis - A knight.
  3. Helis the Pale - A knight.

Heliz the Black | Elys
A knight. [More]

Helizabel | Eliabel, Elisabeth, Elizabel, Elizabeth, Euzabet, Heliabel
Mother of Galahad. [More]

Hellawes the Sorceress
An enchantress. [More]

A fairy king. [More]

Helpherich of Nasseran | Helpherion
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

King of Britain. [More]

Helyan | 'Helyan of Ireland' | Helyain, Helyanz, Heruanz
Two characters. [More]

  1. Helyan d'Yerlande - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Helyan the Pale - Knight of the Round Table.

Helyas | Chimas de Radole, Dimas de Ladol, Elais, Ganors, Ysaies
Four characters. [More]

  1. Helyas - A knight.
  2. Helyas - A warleader.
  3. Helyas - A king.
  4. Helyas de Hardole - A clerk.

Helyes | Elias, Helyes li Toulousans, Helyes nes de Toulouse
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Helyes - A king.
  2. Helyes of Thoulouse - A clerk.
  3. Helyes' Book - A powerful book.

Helyor le Preuse
A knight. [More]

Helys the Red
A knight. [More]

Hemison | Huneson the Bald, Onesun
Lover of Morgan Le Fay. [More]

Hen | 'Old Comrade', 'Old Face', 'Old Servant', 'Old Skin', 'Old Walker' | Henbedestyr, Hengroen, etc.
Six characters and one location. [More]

  1. Hen Beddestyr - A warrior.
  2. Hen Gedymeddeith - A warrior.
  3. Hen Groen - A warrior.
  4. Hen Ogledd, Yr - A region.
  5. Hen Was the Swift - A warrior.
  6. Hên Wen - A pig.
  7. Hen Wyneb - A warrior.

Hendris | Hodri, Hodris, Hondris
King of Slavonia. [More]

Henec Suctellois
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

A knight. [More]

Hengist | Algis, Angis, Anglins, Anguis, Angus, Anguys, Augbis, Aughis, Engis, Engist, etc.
A Saxon leader. [More]

Henin the Old
Father of Garwen. [More]

Henri | Harvys, Herni, Hervi
Three characters. [More]

  1. Henri - Variant of Henry.
  2. Henri of the Borderlands - A knight.
  3. Henri the Courteous - A knight.

Five characters. [More]

  1. Henry - Yvain's father.
  2. Henry - Father of Allebran.
  3. Henry - Emperor of Germany.
  4. Henry II - King of England.
  5. Henry of Huntingdon - Cronicler and archdeacon.

Henwen | Hênwen, Hên Wen
A pig. [More]

Son of Yder. [More]

A lord. [More]

Godson of Heudins. [More]

A knight. [More]

Héri the Clever | Heri
A counselor. [More]

Herlan | Harlews de Berbeus, Heraut, Herland, Herlans, Herlant, Herlaus, Herlews le Berbeus
Three characters. [More]

  1. Herlan - Grandson of Joseph of Arimathea.
  2. Herlan of Benoic - A knight.
  3. Herlan the Bearded - A knight.

Herlews le Berbeus and his Lady | Harlews, Herlan the Bearded, Herlaus
A knight. [More]

A lady. [More]

Herlion | Elin li Rois, Helian, Helyois, Herlions, Herloins
A king. [More]

Herman | Hermans
Two characters. [More]

  1. Herman - Garin's son.
  2. Herman - Count of Triple.

King of the Delectable Isle and The Red City. [More]

A knight. [More]

Daughter of Igraine and Hoel. [More]

Hermind | Erminide
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Hermit | Ermite, Hermit Uncle, Hermit of the Thicket, Hermite, Fontaine a'Ermite, etc.
Six characters and two locations. [More]

  1. Hermit - Anonymous characters.
  2. Hermit de Plaisseis - A hermit.
  3. Hermit King - Perceval’s uncle.
  4. Hermit of the Hedge - A knight.
  5. Hermit of the Red Mountain - A hermit.
  6. Hermit's Cross - Home of Gais the Large.
  7. Hermit's Spring - A fountain.
  8. Prud'homme - Anonymous characters.

Hermoine the Hermit | Hennones, Hermoines, Hermones
A holy man. [More]

Daughter of the King of Scotland. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Hernant - A king.
  2. Hernant the Young - A squire.

Uncle of Garis. [More]

Herne the Hunter | Hern
Leader of the Wild Hunt. [More]

Hernox | Arnauld, Arnault, Ernol, Ernols, Ernous, Erveus, Hernol, Hernols, Hernoul, etc.
A vassal. [More]

Emperor of Rome. [More]

Herselojde | Herzeloyde
Percivale's mother. [More]

Hertant | Errant, Herlant, Hurtant
A Saxon warrior. [More]

Hervi de Revel | Harvy, Herneus de Revel, Hernil, Herui, Heruis, Herveu, Hervise, etc.
An old knight. [More]

Hervy de Mai Aguet
A knight. [More]

A nobleman. [More]

Hervyse de la Forest Savage
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Heryan the Brown
A squire. [More]

A knight. [More]

Father of Mador. [More]

A knight. [More]

Hetwn | Hettwn Talaryant, Hetwn Silver Brow, Hetwn the Leper
Father of Cynedyr the Wild. [More]

A shepherd. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Hew - A knight.
  2. Hew de la Montayne - A knight.

One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hewin - A duke.
  2. Hewin, Castle - A castle.

A knight. [More]

High | Haus Murs, Haute Moore, Haute Montaigne, Haute Montaingne, Haut Moor, Haut Mur
One character and four locations. [More]

  1. High Mountain, Count of the - A nobleman.
  2. High Rock - A castle.
  3. High Walls - A castle.
  4. High Wild Forest - A domain.
  5. High Wood - A location.

A bishop. [More]

Hind of the Fairies
An animal. [More]

Hipomenes | Ypomenés
Grandfather of the Questing Beast. [More]

Ruler of Crete. [More]

Four characters. [More]

  1. Hir Amreu - Attendant.
  2. Hir Atrym - Brother of Hir Erwn.
  3. Hir Eiddyl - Attendant.
  4. Hir Erwn - Brother of Hir Atrym.

Hireglas | Herupeys, Hirelgas, Hirelglas, Hireslglas
Nephew of Bedivere. [More]

King of Parthia. [More]

A duke. [More]

Hlöovir | Hlöòver, Hlöóvir
King of Spain. [More]

King Galahad. [More]

Hoel | Hoël, Hoell, Horel, Howel, Howell, Ohel
Five characters. [More]

  1. Hoel - King of Gohenet.
  2. Hoel - King Aramont of Brittany.
  3. Hoel - Duke of Cornwall.
  4. Hoël - Several kings or lords.
  5. Hoel of Nauntes - King of Brittany or Nantes.

Two characters. [More]

  1. Hoelaés - A Saxon warrior.
  2. Hoelaes - A Saxon king.

Hojir of Mannesvelt | The Red Knight
A count. [More]

Holdin | Holden, Holdyne, Howeldin
A nobleman. [More]

Holofernes | Olifeme, Oliferne, Oloferne
King of Sarras. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Home - Anonymous monks.
  2. Home Salvages - A disguise.

Honolan, Count of
A knight. [More]

Honorius | Flavius Honorius Augustus
Roman Emperor of the Western Empire. [More]

Hontzlake of Wendland | Ontzlake
A knight. [More]

Horn | Horn of Brangaled, Corn Brangaled
Two characters and four items. [More]

  1. Horn - Hengist’s brother.
  2. Horn, Knight with the - A knight.
  3. Horn of Bran Galad - One of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.
  4. Horn of Elephant's Bone - Near Castle Dangerous.
  5. Horn of Ivory - At the Castle of Maidens.
  6. Horn of Lady Tristerat of Savoy - A magical horn.

Horsa | Horse, Horsus
Brother of Hengist. [More]

A horse. [More]

Howe | How
Nephew of Arthur. [More]

Howel | Hoel of Brittany, - Little Britain; Howell
King or duke of Brittany. [More]

Earl of Spain. [More]

Alternative spelling for Ronwen. [More]

Hu Gadarn
A hero. [More]

Huabwy | Hunabwy
A warrior. [More]

A gatekeeper. [More]

A warrior. [More]

Hubaus the Brown
A knight. [More]

King of Britain. [More]

Hue of the Red Castle | Hugh
A knight. [More]

Hueil | Cuillus, Huail
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hueil - Son of Caw.
  2. Hueil's Stone - A stone.

Huelins of Bedigan | Huelins de Bedingan
A knight. [More]

A squire. [More]

Huge Yellow
A horse. [More]

Hugon | Hewgon
A knight. [More]

Enide's father. [More]

Humber | Hombre, Honbre, Humbre, Ombre
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Humber - A leader of Huns.
  2. Humber - A river.

Brother of Gener of Kartis. [More]

Knight of the Round Table. [More]

Arthur's daughter. [More]

A knight. [More]

Warlike Asiatic tribes. [More]

Hunting | Damoiselle Cacheresse
One location and two characters. [More]

  1. Hunting Causeway - A haunted road.
  2. Hunting Knight - An alias.
  3. Hunting Maiden - An alias.

Huntress of Windsor
She shot Lancelot. [More]

Huon de Bordeaux | Huon of the Horn
A knight. [More]

Husdent | Hiudan, Hodain, Hudenc, Idonia, Utant
A dog. [More]

Hwyrddyddwg | 'Late Bringer'
A horse. [More]

Hygwydd | Hygwyd
A servant. [More]

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