Persons in the Arthurian Legends - Y

Two characters. [More]

  1. Ydain - Wife of Cador of Cornwall.
  2. Ydain - Gawain's mistress.

Yder | Edern, Edyrn, Hider, Hiderus, Hudos, Ide, Ider, Ides, Idiers, Idres, etc.
Seven characters. [More]

  1. Yder - King and a Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Yder - Count of Meliolant.
  3. Yder - A king.
  4. Yder - King of the Land of Northmen.
  5. Yder of Lis - A knight.
  6. Yder of the Dolorous Mount[?] - Probably King Yder.
  7. Yder the son of Nut - A knight.

Ydonas | Lydonas, Ydolas
Two characters. [More]

  1. Ydonas - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Ydonas - A Saxon warrior.

A lady. [More]

A king. [More]

A Saxon king. [More]

Yellow Pale-White Ox
An ox. [More]

Perceval’s mother. [More]

Ynawag | Ynawc
A warrior. [More]

Variation of Niwl. [More]

Either two people or two places. [More]

A Saxon king. [More]

Yon of Lesser Ireland | Iom, Yons d'Ierlande la Menor, Yons d'Yrlande
A king. [More]

Yonés the Noveliers
A knight. [More]

A knight. [More]

Four characters. [More]

  1. Youth in the Crimson Mantle - A squire.
  2. Youth of Nort - A knight.
  3. Youth of Quintareus - A knight.
  4. Youth with the Golden Ring - Arthurian knight.

Yrlande | Yerlande
A lady. [More]

Lady of Castle of Maidens. [More]

A maiden. [More]

Ysaie the Sad
Son of Tristan and Iseult. [More]

Ysave of Carahes | Ysaive
Arthur's niece. [More]

Ysbadadden Bencawr | Ysbadaden, Yspadadden, Yspaddaden, Yspaddadden
Chief Giant. [More]

Ysberin | Sberin, Ysperni
A warrior. [More]

Ysberyr Cat Claw
A warrior. [More]

Son of Banon. [More]

Ysgardaf | Ysgyrdaf, Yskyrdaf, Yskyrdav, Yskyrdaw
A servant. [More]

Father of Glew. [More]

A warrior. [More]

Ysgeir | Esgeir Gulhwch Govynkawn
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Ysgeir Gulhwch Govyncawn - A warrior.
  2. Ysgeir Oervel - A ridge.

Ysgithyrwyn | 'White Tusk'
Chief boar. [More]

Ysgonan the Generous
A warrior. [More]

Ysgudydd | Yscudydd, Yseudydd
A servant. [More]

Ysile | Ysille
A woman in the Brown Family. [More]

Two characters. [More]

  1. Ysmaine - Niece of Brun of Branlant.
  2. Ysmaine - Perceval’s cousin.

A queen. [More]

A Saxon. [More]

Uncle of Arthur. [More]

Yvain | Evrains, Evayn, Evein, Eveins, Eventus, Ewain, Ewan, Ewayne, etc.
Thirteen characters. [More]

  1. Yvain - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Yvain - King of Lindsey.
  3. Yvain - Knight of the Round Table.
  4. Yvain - A knight.
  5. Yvain - A warrior.
  6. Yvain - A knight.
  7. Yvain of Canelones - Knight of the Round Table.
  8. Yvain of Cavaliot - A knight.
  9. Yvain of Leonel - A warrior.
  10. Yvain of Revel - A knight.
  11. Yvain of the White Hands - Knight of the Round Table.
  12. Yvain the Bastard - King Urien's son.
  13. Yvain the Black - He besieged the Red Castle.

Yvonet | Iwanet, Uwaine Les Adventurous, Uwaine Les Avoutres, Yonet, etc.
Three characters. [More]

  1. Yvonet - A squire.
  2. Yvonet - A servant.
  3. Yvonet li Avoutres - Son of Uriens of Gore.

Ywaine | Knight with the Lion, etc. | Ewain le Blanchemains, Ewein the Grete, Owain, Owen, Uwain, etc.
Knight of the Round Table. [More]

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