1. Fountain of Adventures

      The nickname of Bruant, a king who served Arthur.

    2. Four Gospels
      The Book of the Four Evangelists

      A fountain in the forest of Darnantes. Tristan (Tristram) and Kahedins fought Lamorat next to the fountain.

    3. Fountain of Changing Colors

      A fountain located near La Tour Quarée, and it frequently changed color. [More]

    4. Fountain of Guiron the Courteous

      Arthur christened this fountain to commemorate Guiron's heroicy when he freed Arthur from Hebusan.

    5. Fountain of Infertility
      Fontaine Brahaigne

      A magical spring in Logres which sterilized any woman drinking from it.

      It was once visited by Merlin and Governal. An inscription on the stone foretold a meeting of Galahad, Lancelot, and Tristan at the fountain, where they would see the Questing Beast.

    6. Fountain of Marvels
      Fontaine des Merveilles

      A fountain where Arthur’s Sir Meriadeuc found an enchanted sword. The sword was stained with blood that would not come clean. A knight named Gaus, who languished nearby, had been wounded with the sword and would only heal when struck a second time by the purest of knights. Meriadeuc eventually healed him in this manner, and when he did so, the sword came clean and Meriadeuc found his own name (he had previously been called the Knight with the Two Swords) written on the blade.

    7. Fountain of Marvels

      A magical spring on the Island of the Fountain in the Prose Tristan, identical to the fountain in the forest of Broceliande in Chrétien’s Erec. The Fountain of Marvels was guarded by Pharant, who was killed at the fountain by Tristan.

    8. Fountain of the Dragon

      A fountain in desert of Medilontas in Lyonesse, where Meliadus met a sorceress called Wise Damsel and was kidnapped.

      The location appears in the Prose Tristan but is not named except in La Tavola Ritonda. Merlin erected a stone by the fountain and prophesied that Lancelot, Tristan, and Galehaut would gather there.

    9. Fountain of the Lion

      A Cornish fountain that was the site of several unfortunate episodes involving Tristan’s family. The fountain was named after Cichoriades, an ancestor of Tristan, saw a lion dive into the fountain and emerge dry. The Fountain of the Lion was the site where King Mark of Cornwall murdered his brother Pernehan; where Tristan killed his cousin Archeman; where Mark abandoned his infant son Meraugis; and where Lancelot fought Bleoberis.

    10. Fountain of the Pine

      A spring where Calinan, son of Guiron the Courteous, defeated several of Arthur’s knights. Shortly afterwards, Calinan was killed by Palamedes.

    11. Fountain of the Shade

      A Cornish fountain where Tristan dueled the King with a Hundred Knights.

    12. Fountain of the Silver Pipe

      When Sir Accolon of Gaul awoke after going to sleep on an enchanted ship

      he found himself by a deep well-side, within a half a foot, in great peril of death. And there came out of that fountain a pipe of silver, and out of that ... ran water all on high in a stone of marble.

      From this fountain a dwarf of Morgan's brought Accolon to Sir Ontzlake's (Hontzlake) manor by a priory, where Morgan prepared the knight for fighting Arthur. This fountain, which was apparently near Sir Damas' castle and Ontzlake's manor, seems to have been a "fountain" as we modern think of fountains, rather than a plain brook or spring in the woodland or elsewhere, which is probably the more common meaning of the word "fountain" in the language of Malory's time.

      Turquine's Hill had a fountain suspiciously similar to the one described above. This leads me to belive that the two sits were probably the same, at Cadbury.

    13. Fountain of the Stag

      A spring in Cornwall that was often visited by Isolde.

    14. Fountain of the Truth of Love

      This was created by Merlin according to Astrée, a seventeenth-century novel begun by Honoré d'Urfe (1567-1625) and concluded by his secretary, Baro. It is in the section by Baro that the fountain is mentioned. It was guarded by lions which would not eat a pure and honest person.

    15. Fountain of Valesca

      Sir Pinabel's brothers captured the lady Tessina at the fountain and brought her to the Ancient Tower.

    16. Fountain of Youth
      Fountain of the Youth

      The fountain in which Esclarmonde was bathed by Morgan Le Fay in the Terrestrial Paradise.

    17. Fountain of Youth

      During a speech in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône, Gawaine alludes to an adventure in which he drank from the Fountain of Youth in the Garden of Dochel.

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