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Updates and New Pages

WordPress Updates
All pages are now in WordPress. I, together with my sister Jessica, have had a solid job of cross-linking, stating sources, and so on. That work is still in progress and pages are updated continuously.

I have also added historical information about various areas and cities during the period 0 AD to the 9th century, so that you can get a small overview of what it looked like in, for example, the British Isles before, during, and after King Arthur’s lifetime.

I will let the Nightbringer site in the old version remain on the server for another period. I will make redirects on the pages on an ongoing basis, which will take some time considering that there are close to 9,000 pages.

New Arthurian Pages
The pages listed below are new in the section of The Legend of King Arthur.
The pages with an * after the name are created in January and February, 2024.